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We've Developed Zanits User-Friendly Website - Accessible and Simple to Use.

Project at a glance:
For Zanits, a company as passionate about mobility solutions as it is about inclusivity, Palerto Studio crafted a digital experience where accessibility reigns supreme. Our thoughtful approach incorporated the Atkinson Hyperlegible typeface, vivid color contrasts, and effortlessly navigable layouts to ensure that every visitor finds solace in simplicity and utility. As we delved into the brand's heart, we identified and celebrated what makes Zanits distinct, distilling these elements into a strong, unified brand presence. Through user-centric design principles, the new website now stands as an emblem of Zanits' dedication to serving their community.
Project Areas:
— Web Development — UX Design — Technology Solutions


Palerto Studio embraced a project that not only honed our design expertise but also touched on our humanity. Zanits, a beacon of innovation in mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities, sought a digital platform that mirrored their commitment to accessibility and simplicity. We embarked on remolding their website and elevating their digital persona, deeply aware that our work had to go beyond aesthetics into the realm of empowering functionality.

Ensuring Accessibility

At the heart of our web development journey was ensuring that Zanits' website set a benchmark in accessibility. Selecting Atkinson Hyperlegible, a typeface designed for maximum readability, became our cornerstone. Paired with a color palette of bold, contrasting hues for visual clarity and easy-to-navigate layouts, we crafted an online space where accessibility was not an afterthought—it was the blueprint.

Refining the Brand

The soul of Zanits is rooted in the empowerment it brings to its clients, and so, refining their brand meant distilling their essence into a visual identity that spoke of strength and dependability. Collaborating with Zanits, we honed in on the key facets that set their services apart, weaving these into a cohesive brand narrative. Our shared vision was clear: to stand tall in the industry not just with service excellence, but with a brand image that resonates integrity and innovation.

Zanits Brand Mark

User-Centric Design

The redesigned website came to life by placing the user experience at the vanguard. Every decision, from the logical flow of information to the seamless interactive elements, was made with Zanits' diverse clientele in mind. The goal was twofold: to create a portal that was uncomplicated and genuinely user-friendly for individuals with disabilities, and to capture the ethos of a company dedicated to opening new pathways for mobility and independence.

The culmination of our efforts is a testament to Zanits' vision of inclusivity—a digital haven that not only serves information but also encapsulates a community's aspirations for greater autonomy and a life without barriers.

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