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Snapster Camera

We created a narrative for Snapster that starts with you - from constructing your camera to capturing and building your memories.

Project at a glance:
Snapster's journey of brand development is a story of innovation, sustainability, and intimate photography experiences. Tasked with creating a brand identity from the ground up, Palerto Studio crafted a comprehensive brand image that harmonizes eco-friendliness with the delight of hands-on creativity. In a world saturated with digital snapshots, Snapster invites shutterbugs to engage with the elemental pleasure of photography by building their own wooden 35mm film cameras. Our strategy, centered on the message "build your memories," positions the camera not just as a tool but as a companion in crafting lasting moments. Using bento box design principles, we fashioned an artistic yet structured visual language for both the website UX and marketing campaign materials, exuding the uniqueness and great user experience that are at the core of Snapster's values.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — UX Design — Art Direction — Marketing Campaign — Logo & Brand Asset Design

Snapster: The Brand Where Memories Click into Place


Welcome to the dawn of a new era in photography—an era where Snapster shines as the heart and soul of a crafted image. The Palerto Studio had the honor of developing a brand set to change the landscape of picture-taking with a pivotal, hands-on approach that blends the creation of the camera with the capturing of moments. Snapster is not just a camera; it’s an invitation to engage in the artistry behind the photos.

Take a closer look at the interactive brand showcase:

Shaping the Snapster vision

As we delved into the Snapster universe, we understood that their offerings are dual-fold: the stunning, eco-friendly wooden camera, and the evocative, memorable snapshots it produces. With this understanding, our brand strategy came into sharp focus. We created a unique language for Snapster that speaks volumes through its simplicity and hands-on engagement—#ShotOnSnapster. With the dual charm of Snapster's hand-assembled wooden cameras and the soulful snapshots they produce, our brand development strategy crystallized into a voice that resonated with authenticity and interactive appeal. The #ShotOnSnapster campaign was not merely a marketing tactic; it was the cornerstone of our storytelling—a tactile narrative that celebrated both the artisanal camera-building process and the striking results of its use.


Bold Meets Bubbly: The Typographic Tale of Snapster's Image

Step into the world of Snapster and you're greeted with an exuberance that's as tactile as the DIY cameras they champion. The brand bursts with an unmistakable liveliness, underpinned by a vibrant effervescence that speaks to the creator in everyone. It's a visual feast, with large headings that demand the eye's attention, proclaiming the sheer joy of photography in every curve and corner of its distinguished typeface.

Snapster's presence is shaped by an innovative bento box layout, inviting visitors to discover content nestled within crisp, harmonious modules. This structured yet playful canvas creates a user experience that is both intuitive and delightful, mirroring the meticulous craft of their unique camera kits. It's a seamless blend of conviviality and sophistication, inviting users to not just view a product but to join a celebration of imagery and invention.

Snapster Brand
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