We've Developed Zanits User-Friendly Website - Accessible and Simple to Use.

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We're delighted to have wrapped up Zanits' web development project. Collaborating closely with their team, we designed a simple and accessible website, prioritizing easy navigation for users. Our role in furthering Zanits' mission of top-quality mobility solutions for those with disabilities is a source of pride, and we're grateful for this impactful opportunity.

Visual Direction, Web Development
Palerto Studio
Zanits Logo

Accessibility in focus.

Simplified User Experience for People with Disabilities.

User-Centric Design.

Ensuring easy of use was the priority in this web development project.
The old Zanits website in a renderThe new zanits website after our involment

Refining the brand.

In addition to creating a functional and user-friendly website, we also worked with Zanits to develop and refine their brand.

We helped them identify the key elements that made their company unique and used that information to create a visual brand identity that was both strong and consistent.

Our goal was to help Zanits stand out in their industry while still maintaining a simple and approachable aesthetic.

We believe that the end result is a brand that accurately reflects the values and mission of Zanits and helps them connect with their audience in a meaningful way.
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