Marketing Campaign

Wellton Hotels

We Crafted Captivating Social Media Creatives for Wellton.

Project at a glance:
We were approached to design creatives for a global social media campaign to attract international travelers.
Project Areas:
— Art Direction — Graphic Design


Embarking on a captivating journey with Wellton Hotels, Palerto Studio set sail to craft a marketing campaign with the allure of a global call to adventure. In a marketplace buzzing with destinations vying for attention, our endeavor was to spotlight the Wellton brand as an irresistible beacon to international wanderers. With an ethos of elegance and the promise of an unforgettable stay, we aimed to make Wellton not just a stopover, but a pivotal part of the voyager's narrative.

Creative Process

Venturing into the creative galaxy, our compass pointed towards a concept that would encapsulate the essence of exploration with the comfort of Wellton Hotels. We mapped a route that took us through a constellation of design elements, messaging, and visual storytelling that resonated with the globetrotter spirit. Crafting a suite of marketing materials, we navigated through typography, color palettes, and imagery that spoke the international language of luxury and relaxation.

On-Brand. Consistently.

Every piece of our campaign was meticulously fashioned to align with the Wellton Hotels' homely yet exquisite brand identity. From the choice of visuals that conjured up images of restful havens to the inviting taglines that seemed to whisper tales of rejuvenation, our graphics held hands with Wellton's established brand personality. The result was a harmonious blend of charm and invitation, enticing travelers from all corners of the world to find their respite in Wellton Hotels, where every stay is as nurturing as it is enchanting.

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