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We Made Cargo Cool - Scantrans, Where Vision Hits the Road!

Project at a glance:
Scantrans takes a bold leap into the logistics arena, armed with a vibrant red and white color palette, a contemporary logo that visually narrates the brand, and a commitment to infuse its identity into every facet of its operation. Palerto Studio played a pivotal role in not just designing a logo but in creating a comprehensive brand experience that echoes simplicity, efficiency, and a touch of modernity.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — Logo Design — Brand Guidelines — Physical Branding Implementation


Scantrans Ltd.'s evolution isn't just about moving goods; it's about transforming the logistics landscape. Palerto Studio was not just tasked with creating a logo; our mission extended to weaving the brand ethos into every touchpoint of Scantrans' physical presence. From lorry design to branded hard hats, we aimed to make Scantrans a living, breathing embodiment of simplicity and modern efficiency.

A Red & White Symphony

The color palette of vibrant red and pristine white isn't merely chosen for aesthetics. Red signifies urgency, passion, and a commitment to swift service, while white brings in a sense of cleanliness and precision. This dynamic duo is not just a choice; it's a statement - Scantrans is here, and it means business with style.

Logo as a Narrative

The logo, a modern typography spelling "scantrans," creatively incorporates two parallel lines forming an elegant S shape. This isn't just a symbol; it's a visual tale of the streamlined efficiency that Scantrans brings to the logistics industry. It's modern, it's sleek, and it's a promise delivered.

Guiding the Brand Journey

Our brand guidelines serve as the roadmap for Scantrans, ensuring that every communication, whether digital or physical, echoes the brand's personality. From font choices to imagery style, the guidelines are a blueprint for consistency and clarity in conveying Scantrans' unique identity.

Beyond the Logo: The Physical Brand Experience

Scantrans isn't just a name on paper; it's a living, breathing entity on the roads. Our lorry design isn't just a canvas; it's a moving billboard for the brand. Branded hard hats, documents, and physical signage aren't just accessories; they are ambassadors of Scantrans' commitment to simplicity and efficiency.

Crafting the Experience

From the sleek lines of the logo to the bold red on every piece of Scantrans gear, the brand experience is crafted to leave an impression. It's not just about what Scantrans does; it's about how Scantrans makes you feel - assured, efficient, and in capable hands.

Living the Brand Every Mile

As Scantrans hits the road, the brand isn't confined to paper or pixels; it's a dynamic force that moves with every delivery. The physical manifestation of Scantrans is a testament to our collective effort to redefine how the logistics industry presents itself.


Scantrans Ltd.'s brand isn't just a visual identity; it's a commitment to redefine the logistics experience. From the bold red to the sleek lines of the logo, Scantrans doesn't just deliver goods; it delivers a promise of efficiency, simplicity, and a touch of modernity. The journey doesn't end with the logo; it begins, and every mile is a testament to Scantrans' commitment to excellence.

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