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We created a brand identity for a company that reinvents repairs with Custom 3D Printing Innovation

Project at a glance:
"Prinvent" emerges as a dynamic force in the industrial scene, offering a cutting-edge solution to one of the sector's most pressing issues—equipment downtime due to part unavailability. Palerto Studio had the exciting task of developing a brand identity that communicated "Prinvent's" innovative approach to manufacturing custom 3D printed parts swiftly and efficiently. We encapsulated their mission in a striking brand color and a logo that symbolizes the precision and fluidity of 3D printing, embracing a visual language that speaks to industry resilience.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — Logo Design — Color Strategy


The inception of "Prinvent" marks a new era in operational sustainability for heavy machinery users across farming, construction, logging, and more. Palerto Studio was at the forefront of creating a brand that resonates with the robustness and reliability of the industries it serves. "Prinvent" harnesses 3D printing to revolutionize the availability of custom parts, promising that vital machinery can be swiftly restored to working order.

An Unmistakable Shade of Confidence

"Prinvent's" orange brand tone is more than just visually arresting; it signifies urgency and efficiency, reflecting the brand promise of quick and expertly crafted solutions. This vibrant color, synonymous with safety and vigilance in industrial environments, encapsulates their commitment to keeping essential machinery operational with minimal delay.

A Logo Rooted in the Precision of Creation

"Prinvent's" logo is a masterful representation of the innovative 3D printing process—a gradient-filled circle that's not just an emblem but a story of creation layer by layer. This design speaks to the limitless potential in 3D printing technologies and their application in tailoring precise parts to each client's exacting needs.

Prinvent logo exploration - Made by Palerto

Echoing Expertise through Brand Taglines

We distilled "Prinvent's" essence into powerful taglines that double as their calling card—“We ensure that your machinery works. Custom 3D parts—to your door,” “Making things work. That's what we do,” and “Custom 3D parts—made by experts.” Each tagline reinforces their role as industry specialists dedicated to functional innovation and the seamless continuity of operations.

A Brand That Stands Apart, Even When Stowed

While "Prinvent" ultimately decided to take their branding in a different direction in-house, the identity created by Palerto Studio stands as a testament to the power of foresight and innovation in branding. Our concept for "Prinvent" was a bold departure from the industry norm, intending to set them apart and showcase their prowess in a tangible and visually compelling way.

Crafting for the Core of Industry

In shaping "Prinvent's" brand identity, we took great care to align with the rugged spirit of their target industries. Our strategy was unequivocal—to craft an identity that resonated with the strength, longevity, and assiduity that heavy machinery signifies. "Prinvent" was poised to become synonymous with effectiveness, ushering in a new benchmark for industries reliant on heavy-duty equipment.

Even as "Prinvent" chooses a different path forward, the groundwork laid by Palerto Studio positions them as innovators ready to dismantle barriers and put industries back in motion, one custom 3D printed part at a time. Our collaboration remains a blueprint for brands seeking to manifest a vision of progress that their customers can not only see but feel in every part, process, and promise delivered.

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