Brand Development


We created a galactic fintech brand that brings the universe of banking to your fingertips.

Project at a glance:
Kuvau marks the dawn of a new epoch in the fintech sector—a brand identity that transcends the conventional and captivates with its celestial charm. The Palerto Studio's task was to chart a course for this nascent brand that would resonate across the financial universe while upholding the bedrock of trust and clarity crucial in banking. Our mission: to create a brand as friendly and approachable as it is groundbreaking, and introduce a financial ally in the form of an animated astronaut mascot named Staro. Kuvau's brand is a fusion of cosmic creativity and down-to-earth dependability, complete with an imaginative space theme that distinguishes its services as pioneering yet prudent. The new logo encapsulates this dual nature, mingling a strong, clear typeface with playful space elements, ensuring kuvau is a brand that not only stands out but also earnestly guides users through the galaxy of finance.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — Logo Design — Art Direction — 3D Animation


Enter the orbit of kuvau, where finance and technology align in the vast cosmos of the fintech industry. As innovators at Palerto Studio, we embarked on a stellar mission to develop kuvau's brand identity from the nebulous ideas all the way to the sparkling constellations of a complete brand universe. We took the challenge of making kuvau stand out in an industry dominated by traditional motifs and propelled their identity to new heights, crafting a brand as dynamic and forward-thinking as the fintech solutions they offer.

A fresh take on Fintech

Kuvau's identity swirls with the energy of a supernova—a brand personality bursting with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective on the financial landscape. Gone are the stiff and staid conventions of banking; in their place, kuvau introduces a financial dialogue that's as accessible as it is engaging, a welcoming gateway to financial literacy for new explorers and seasoned navigators alike.

Space-themed storytelling

With the cosmos as our canvas, we integrated a galaxy of space-themed narratives throughout kuvau's branding. Our space-age pioneer, Staro the astronaut, serves as a trusty guide, charmingly assisting clients as they embark on adventures in money management and investment exploration. Our copy revolves around celestial puns and galactic wordplay, such as "Secure a stellar deal with us," and "Navigate the financial universe with ease," inviting clients to a journey through kuvau's universe of offerings without alienating the gravity of financial decision-making.

Kuvau Brand Mascot - Staro

Staying Grounded

Despite the soaring themes, we remained acutely aware of the requisite stability and trust inherent to the financial sector. kuvau's messaging may dance among the stars, but its commitment to reliability is as solid as the ground beneath our feet. The excitement of space exploration comes with the assurance that kuvau operates with rigorous security, precision, and seasoned expertise—qualities indispensable in the banking cosmos.

Logo Identity

The kuvau logo serves as the flag on the moon of this brand expedition—a signature emblem that blends a blocky, authoritative typeface with celestial imagery. Just as stars dot the night sky, stylized stellar elements punctuate the brand name, hinting at the infinite possibilities within the kuvau universe. This logo stands as a beacon of innovation in the fintech space, a symbol that's both grounded and limitless, reflecting kuvau's vision for a limitless financial frontier.

kuvau brand logo

In constructing the kuvau brand, the Palerto Studio has successfully navigated the interstellar expanse between the approachable and the professional. The brand distills a vast, complex financial universe into a friendly neighborhood in the galaxy—a place where clients discover that managing finances is not rocket science, but rather an exhilarating voyage to financial empowerment.

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