Brand Development


We created a Tennis brand that allows users to play on their own terms.

Project at a glance:
This branding project for INCRT, a tennis matchmaking service, aimed to create a bold and unique brand that stands out in the crowded market of sports apps. The goal was to highlight the convenience and ease of scheduling matches through the app, while also incorporating a playful and engaging tone through the use of tennis puns. The result is a brand that appeals to tennis enthusiasts looking for a quick and simple way to schedule matches with players of similar skill levels.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — UX Design — Art Direction

INCRT: Serving Up Convenience with a Bold Brand Twist


In the fast-paced world of digital tennis matchmaking, finding a worthy opponent or partner can be a daunting task. Recognizing this challenge, the INCRT project emerged with a mission to revolutionize the tennis experience. At the heart of the project was the goal to simplify the process of arranging tennis matches, making it not only efficient but also infused with a playful spirit.

Unveiling the UX Revolution

The journey began with a deep dive into the user experience realm. We meticulously tackled questions about the platform's functionality, booking processes, and user options. The primary focus was on enhancing the overall user journey, ensuring that every interaction with INCRT would be seamless, intuitive, and, most importantly, time-efficient.

Crafting a Brand Identity

To accompany the innovative UX, we set out to create a brand identity that would resonate with tennis enthusiasts and convey the essence of INCRT. The result? A bold and edgy brand, painted in the vibrant hues of tennis ball yellow. This choice of color not only symbolizes the energetic nature of the sport but also captures the attention of users, making INCRT a standout player in the crowded arena of sports apps.

INCRT Brand Elements

Ad Campaign: Aces in the Hole

Crafting Engaging Puns

In the creation of INCRT's ad campaign, our strategy revolved around the clever integration of tennis puns to captivate our target audience—tennis enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free and enjoyable matchmaking experience. Phrases like "You Just Got Served" and "Ace in the Hole" became the linchpin of our campaign, strategically designed to grab attention and communicate INCRT's commitment to swift, on-demand matchmaking.

Multi-Format Integration

To maximize the reach and impact of our campaign, we seamlessly wove these catchy puns into various ad formats, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand presence across diverse platforms. From larger-than-life billboards to dynamic social media ads and eye-catching promotional materials, the playful use of tennis-themed language resonated with our audience.

Establishing a Playful Brand Identity

The incorporation of these puns was not just about creating catchy phrases; it was a deliberate effort to establish the INCRT brand as playful, fun, and deeply connected to the tennis community. Our ads not only conveyed the app's functionality but also infused a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie into the overall user experience.


In conclusion, the INCRT project stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful UX design and creative branding. By addressing the real challenges faced by tennis enthusiasts, we've transformed the way matches are arranged, making it as enjoyable and straightforward as a perfect serve. With a vibrant brand identity and a playful tone, INCRT is not just an app; it's an invitation to experience tennis on your terms.

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