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EHR - Radio Reklāma

We helped to develop a B2B Lead generation platform for radio advertisements for on of the largest radio-media companies in the Baltics

Project at a glance:
In the dynamic world of radio media, Palerto Studio collaborated with EHR Media Group to pioneer a groundbreaking B2B Lead Generation platform for one of the Baltics' largest radio-media entities. Our mission? Redefine lead generation, streamline the qualification process, and elevate business engagement through a meticulously crafted landing page.
Project Areas:
— Web Development — Integrations — Brand Integration


In the vast landscape of radio advertisements, our collaboration with EHR Media Group aimed to set a new standard for lead generation. Palerto Studio spearheaded the creation of a bespoke Typeform-enabled landing page, intricately designed to offer businesses a seamless interaction for radio advertising inquiries. Our goal was not just lead generation but doing so efficiently, saving valuable time and resources for EHR Media Group.

On-Brand Brilliance

Every element of "Radio Reklāma" website was a testament to our commitment to staying true to EHR Media Group's brand. The design resonated with the essence of the radio-media giant, ensuring a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality. The on-brand landing page served as a gateway for businesses to embark on a journey of effortless lead submission.

Efficiency Through Dynamic Forms

At the heart of the platform lay its dynamic form, powered by Typeform. We engineered an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allowed businesses to effortlessly complete the form. This streamlined the lead generation process and ensured each lead was qualified, tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Strategic Brand Alignment

Our approach was not merely about creating a functional platform; it was about strategic brand alignment. The visual elements, color palette, and overall aesthetic mirrored the professionalism and reliability associated with EHR Media Group's brand. The result was a lead generation platform that not only captured attention but also instilled confidence in potential clients.

Onward to Qualification

As businesses seamlessly engaged with the dynamic form, the platform worked tirelessly in the background to qualify leads. This innovative solution not only saved resources but also ensured that EHR Media Group received leads tailored to their preferences and criteria.

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