Web Development

EHR Media Group

We developed a representative website that captures EHR Media Group's broadcasting spirit in the virtual realm.

Project at a glance:
For the EHR Media Group, a titan in the Baltic radio-media landscape, Palerto Studio embarked on the mission to create a website that would broadcast their brand's vibrancy and reach with clarity and impact. We dove into the frequencies of EHR's values, designing an online environment that struck a chord with their tradition of innovation and community engagement. Our team tailored the site using Webflow, ensuring a user experience that flowed as smoothly as the tunes on EHR's stations. From concept to launch, our focus was on crafting a digital platform that was true to EHR's resounding legacy while tuning into the future of media engagement. The final composition? A representative website that not only meets the high notes of EHR's branding but also resonates with their audiences across different tempos and times.
Project Areas:
— Web Design — UX Design


In tune with the dynamic rhythm of the airwaves, Palerto Studio took on the exciting challenge of translating the pulsating essence of EHR Media Group into the digital realm. As the tempo setter for radio-media in the Baltic states, EHR Media Group required a representative website that would not only resonate with their brand’s harmony but would also amplify their digital presence to match their vast auditory reach.

About the project

The project's wavelength was set to design and develop a site that would serve as a digital beacon for EHR Media Group, echoing the brand’s values and legacy of connecting sounds and souls across the airwaves. Our notes comprised creating a user experience that would be fluid and intuitive, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate through the symphony of content, from company ethos to their array of radio stations.

With an ear for EHR’s signature blend of energy and innovation, we harmonized the company's rich heritage with contemporary design elements. This sleek and engaging platform was to be a reflection of EHR Media Group’s leadership in the industry, spotlighting their commitment to quality entertainment and information.

Digital Venue crafted with Webflow

Harnessing the power of Webflow, we crafted a website that hits all the right notes in design flexibility and functionality. This robust platform allowed us to compose an interactive experience that accurately conveys EHR Media Group's dynamic spirit. The end result is a seamless, on-brand digital space where the beats of innovation, media leadership, and cultural influence play in perfect concert.

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