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We Crafted a Calming, Playful & Bubbly Brand Identity for Čiekurkoks.

Project at a glance:
Embracing the Montessori spirit that underpins the essence of "Čiekurkoks," an upscale private kindergarten, Palerto Studio was charged with the task of developing a brand identity as enriching and comforting as the educational atmosphere "Čiekurkoks" provides. With a palette of soothing greens and vibrant orange accents, we fostered a visual language that was not only calming but full of energy—a perfect reflection of young learners' environment.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — Visual Identity — Typography Design — Color Strategy — Imagery and Iconography


In the budding world of "Čiekurkoks," education is synonymous with personal growth, and Palerto Studio had the privilege of nurturing their brand identity to mirror this philosophy. Tasked with encapsulating their commitment to the Montessori approach within their branding, we refined their identity to resonate with the warmth, care, and dynamic learning that "Čiekurkoks" kindles.

A Palette that Soothes and Inspires

Selecting the right colors was crucial, as they convey the atmosphere "Čiekurkoks" embodies. Our choice of green hues provides a backdrop of tranquility and growth, while orange accents spark curiosity and joy. Together, they create an environment that encourages playful learning and reflects the kindergarten's uplifting approach to education.

Expressive Typography: A Voice for Youthful Curiosity

The selection of expressive typography was designed to capture the imagination and engage the hearts of both parents and children. The chosen typefaces convey trustworthiness and sophistication yet maintain a youthful touch that speaks clearly to the kind of premiere educational experience "Čiekurkoks" offers.

Imagery that Captures Imagination

In shaping the brand's visual narrative, we focused on imagery that celebrates the joy of childhood exploration and discovery. Photos and iconography are infused with the spirit of Montessori—hands-on, interactive, and designed to stoke the flames of inquisitive young minds.

Nurturing a Brand Identity for Tomorrow's Leaders

The new brand identity for "Čiekurkoks" is a harmonious symphony that caters to the modern parent while staying true to the core values of Montessori education. It's a branding that doesn't just talk to the audience but sings to them, inviting them into a world of nurturing, learning, and endless possibilities.

With Palerto Studio's touch, "Čiekurkoks" stands out as an enclave of learning excellence. Our brand development captures the essence of what it means to be a provider of high-quality, holistic early childhood education. As "Čiekurkoks" prepares to open its doors to the bright minds of the future, their brand now reflects a premium educational space that nurtures not only intellect but the joy of childhood itself.

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