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Baltic Survival

We created an adventurous brand that wants to ensure you are prepared for anything

Project at a glance:
"Baltic Survival" launches as an embodiment of readiness in an unpredictable world, providing survival gear tailored for the unexpected. The Palerto Studio was entrusted with the vision of fortifying the brand's presence with a modern, youthful vigor that appealed to a wide audience, without straying into overtly militaristic territory. We embraced this challenge by forging a brand identity that captured the essence of survival preparedness through an adventurous lens, leveraging a bold color scheme and design elements that command attention while fostering a sense of accessibility and empowerment.
Project Areas:
— Brand Development — Visual Identity — Color Scheme Design — Typeface Selection — Brand Messaging


Advocating for preparedness in times of uncertainty, "Baltic Survival" steps into the fray with a mission to equip individuals for survival situations ranging from climate emergencies to civil contingencies. Palerto Studio’s task was to create a brand identity that walked the line between resilience and accessibility, developing an image that resonated with readiness and modernity, suitable for every potential survivalist out there.

Striking a Chord with Modern Youthfulness

In shaping "Baltic Survival's" brand personality, we aimed to steer clear of the traditional militaristic aesthetics while maintaining a sense of the seriousness involved in survival preparedness. This led us to adopt a vibrant and energetic yellow, contrasted against the timeless steadfastness of black, crafting a color story that speaks to alertness and preparedness.

72h - Baltic Survival film

Adventure Meets Preparedness in Design

The use of stylized digital camouflage gives a nod to the brand’s survivalist backbone — morphing the conventional into something chic and contemporary. This digital camo motif serves as a subtle background and accent, providing texture and depth, while bold yellow blocks emphasize key messages and draw the eye to crucial information, mirroring the urgency and importance of being prepared.

Typography that Stands Firm and Invites Action

"Baltic Survival's" branding is anchored by a robust and bold monumentue typeface, chosen for its impactful appearance and readability. This typeface commands attention on headings and signage, exuding confidence and clarity — crucial qualities for a brand built around the concept of safety and preparedness.

A Brand Identity That Equips and Invites

This branding endeavor straddles the line between tactical strength and contemporary adventure gear, encapsulating a brand framework that is both reassuring in expertise and inclusive in approach. "Baltic Survival's" visual identity is crafted not to alarm, but to assure, inviting individuals to embrace the concept of readiness as a modern-day necessity.

In the creation of "Baltic Survival's" brand identity, Palerto Studio has charted a territory that instills a spirit of adventure in the readiness niche. Our comprehensive branding strategy results in a message of empowerment, ensuring "Baltic Survival" stands out as a beacon of modern preparedness, inspiring and equipping individuals to confront any challenge with confidence and capability. Through vibrant colors, meaningful design, and bold messaging, "Baltic Survival" is set to become synonymous with the embodiment of survival preparedness for today's world.

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